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Mantra MFS110 L1 Biometric Device Machine Fingerprint Scanner

Our Secured L1 Fingerprint Reader MFS110

The Mantra MFS110 is an L1 biometric device and it is better than traditional devices in its class, delivering crypto operation with secure memory and precise biometric matching, making it perfect for ID verification and IT security. Our L1 fingerprint reader is a secure, rugged fingerprint scanner that ensures consistent image quality and precise results. This L1 fingerprint scanner is designed for many biometric-based identification applications. It is certified as FBI PIV-071006 as a compliant fingerprint scanner. This device has IP54 certification, which indicates that it is protected from dust and splashing water.

The L1 scanner is based on optical technology, which assures high-quality fingerprint scanning even when dusty, dirty, or rough fingers are scanned. developed for law enforcement, IT security, border administration, and national ID programs. Its advanced cryptography and ergonomic design make it an excellent performing and secure L1 biometric device for field operations.

Mantra MFS110 L1 Biometric Device Machine Fingerprint Scanner

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