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Digital Signature Certificate for EPFO

EPFO, Employees’ Provident Fund Organization, a retirement fund management organization which on a mandatory basis provides universal social security coverage to all the salaried employees in INDIA, has introduced the online transfer claims. As per the new CCA guidelines, it has become a mandate to utilize the Digital Signature Certificate For EPFO by the users who want to e-file their application for the EPFO fund transfer to their account.

Benefits Of Using Class 3 DSC for EPFO

EPFO has asked the employers seeking to file claims online to register their exclusive DSCs on the portal. A Class 3 DSC issued by a licensed Certifying Authority (CA) fulfills your purpose of registration at the EPFO portal. The applicant can use their Aadhaar or Pan Card to obtain their exclusive paperless DSC online at the comfort of their home. Capricorn Paperless Class 3 DSC for EPFO makes your job easier, faster, and cost-efficient in handling the employee Provident Fund transfer process.

The EPFO website makes it clear that "To attest and forward claims online, the employers are required to register Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) with EPFO. Digital Signature Certificate of class 2 and class 3 category issued by a licensed Certifying Authority (CA) needs to be registered for the purpose." However, uploading the Digital Signature is a bit lengthy but quite easy and following the below-mentioned steps will lead you to the same.

How to upload Digital Signature to your EPF account

STEP 1 Log in to the EPF online web portal.

STEP 2 Click on Establishment tab. Once logged in, click on Establishment tab and from the drop-down menu select Digital Signature. Once you click it, the Digital Signature Registration Page will pop up .

STEP 3 Submit Required Details. Fill in the required details and from Type of Registration select 'Sign with USB token' and hit submit.

STEP 4 Click on Java Link. In the next page, the dialogue box will show an activate Java,  click on it and tap on 'allow and remember’. The processing will start and may take some time. A pop up will show where it will as if Java needs to be activated or not.

STEP 5 Type PIN. Choose the ‘run’ tab. The next window will ask you to register to your particular DSC. Once you click register DSC, type in the pin received

STEP 6 Register After successfully registering it, it will show a dialogue box, confirming you about the same

STEP 7 View Registered Signature Now go back to Establishment and then tap Digital Signature again. A bar will show 'view registered signature'

STEP 8 Download PDF Tapping it will open your registered details. Then tap on ‘request letter’ and download the pdf file

STEP 9 Sign the document Sign the given document and send it to the concerned PF office

STEP 10 Final Step Now you are set and if all documents provided are verified successfully, your digital signature will get approved.


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