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Buy Class 3 Digital Signature without any documents and video verification

As per latest CCA guidelines, Aadhaar Biometric Based Digital Signature Certificate for Individual User can now be issued without any documents and without video verification.

To obtain Aadhaar Biometric Based DSC, User must provide his fingerprint on biometric for authentication of person. Any Individual person who holds a valid Aadhaar number can buy this Biometric Based DSC without video verification.

In addition to Aadhaar Biometric Based DSC, existing KYC modes of Aadhaar Offline KYC and PAN eKYC shall be continue as earlier. In Aadhaar Offline KYC, Users information could be fetched with help of OTP received on his mobile number. As OTP can be compromised to ensure authenticate of person video verification was mandatory before issuance of DSC. This process takes time to authenticate the person in video and in UIDAI records. So eliminate this, Aadhaar Biometric Based DSC is launched again.

Why Video Verification is not required for DSC Issuance in case of Biometric based DSC ?

As per CCA guidelines, Physical presence of subscriber is mandatory to issue a digital signature. So in current process video verification proves the identity of a person, but video verification mobile phone, internet connection and takes lot of efforts and maximum people are not able to do this. To get rid of the video verification Aadhaar Biometric Based DSC Is introduced. In biometric based dsc, fingerprint of a person can be taken only in case of person is present physically. So fingerprint proves his presence.

How to Buy Aadhar Biometric Based DSC ?

To buy Aadhaar Biometric Based DSC without video verification you need to visit eSolutions - Digital Signature Company office at Shakarpur. Click here to see address or call 8800771170 for more details or Buy Class 3 Digital Signature Online.


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